Do you ever think minorities will together turn racism on Caucasians in revenge?

You always hear that racism is carried out towards the minorities, largely if not solely by Caucasians.

Now that minorities have a voice in most of the Western world, do you think they will ever gang up on whites all together to get back at them for all of the injustice that was carried out towards their ancestors?

Sort of like 'well you started racism initially, so it's only fair that you get a taste of it'.

  • No, let bygones be bygones.
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  • No, it would be fair but whites are and will always be more powerful.
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  • Yes, but not for a long time.
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  • I'm in the middle, there will one day be full equality.
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I don't wish that to happen, but hey it's always a possibilityfor history to repeat itself in a sense. I'm just curious as to what others would think about it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No.

    1) Just because people are members of minorities does not automatically mean they get along. For example, where I'm from, black people and Asian people do not get along (generally speaking).

    2) Last time I checked, white people HAVE also been oppressed at certain points in history. All racial groups have been enslaved and oppressed at some point in history. Granted, some were on a larger, more well-known scale than others but nonetheless, all racial groups have felt racism and oppression. And in many cases, races enslaved members of their own racial group. link

    3) Revenge for what? No one in America TODAY has ever owned slaves or been a slave. I have never mistreated anyone just because of their race. I have never been racist or prejudice to anyone in my life. Why should anyone "get back" at members of another race for "injustices done to their ancestors"? No one alive today had any part in that, white people in America can not control what happened in the past.

    I'm not trying to downplay the slavery that happened in America because yes, it was an awful and horrible time in our history. However, I get so sick of hearing black people act like white people owe THEM something for what happened in the past. And I have nothing at all against black people, my boyfriend is black, but he doesn't blame white people today for what happened in the past. So when SOME, not all, black people do that, it really gets on my nerves.

    And also, I do realize that some white people today are still racist, but there are just as many racist black, Hispanic, asian, etc. people too. And people who are legitimately racists are in the minority. They [racist people of all races] do NOT represent the entire racial group.


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What Guys Said 13

  • No, the sins of our fathers shouldn't be "avenged" because it accomplishes nothing.

    Also, remember that there is inter-minority racism which is actually more popular than white vs other racism, even though it isn't publicized as much. This giving the impression that racism is a white only thing. link

    Whites have fought racism, too. Not all whites are of the same background and most whites in the US are Irish and German. Irish, German and Italians were heavily discriminated against. These whites were immigrants and most never owned slaves. The Irish had it the worst, they were called the "white negros" or "wiggers" because of their low status being as low or sometimes lower than blacks. link Some jobs would allow any other race including blacks and asians, but "No Irish Need Apply": link The "Know Nothing" party was the one the KKK was a part of and one of their primal duties was beating and killing Irish along with other races. link

    So to sum everything up, racism is bad but getting "revenge" for past racism will accomplish nothing and make everything worse.

    • Yes white immigrants from Europe faced problems when they came to America in the early 20th century they were but that was mostly because American whites looked at them as competition for jobs It had nothing to do with skin color . and Irish people could hide especially if they married and their name changed to a more English American last name.

  • Never happen...

    Racism is just one form of tribalism, and that exists in every corner of the globe, in every country and every group of people. There are at least a dozen active ethnic conflicts happening right now, along with latent prejudice between local tribes going back for generations.

    Long story short... people are too busy hating their neighbors to unite against white people.

  • " Do you ever think minorities will together turn racism on Caucasians in revenge?"

    Definite no from me

  • lol is this a serious fear of people? Are there people really that dumb in the world?

  • I don't think minorities want to get revenge. I think we'd rather the racism just stop, period.

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What Girls Said 9

  • No because a lot of minority groups do not get along. It isn't like we're all going to join hands against white people. There are perceived hierarchies between minority groups and many non-whites do not look at whites as the enemy, but as people they strive to be like

  • Revenge for what?

    I wasn't a slave and I don't know a single black person who was; or a single white person who was a slave owner

  • No. But there is such thing as karma when a "minority" has been oppressed for too long.

    • There is no such thing as Karma. There might be consequences to actions (or inaction), but there's no such thing as a mystical force that will punish and reward others depending on their actions. If there was, our world would be a much better place than it is.

    • That's your opinion.

  • Where do you guys live where you have time to sit down and think about this?

  • Minorities are already ruling the world, so what's the problem?

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