Should I divorce my husband and wait for my online boyfriend?

I am a wife, but I am in a dilemma .. one time I had a chat in a messenger, where I met with a man, and online relationships, the my marriage life didn't smooth , warm , and being wife my husband like to slapped me and hit me , I told him about that, and he said I should to divorce him and he gonna marry when he was here ( by the way he is a foreigner) I am confused now, should I divorce my husband, and waiting for my online boyfriend? we've been communication via webcam as well for 9 months, and often also do sex on Cam. sometimes I don't feel comfortable with it, but sometimes I miss him. what should I do ?


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  • The second guy is the consequence of the lack of happiness in your marriage that you try to compensate.

    Solve your marriage issue (eventually by divorcing, if the problem seems unredeemable) first.

    You might not be interested in the second guy anymore, when you are not lost anymore.

    • But I also doubt on second one... He promise me he will come 5 months ago , but he didn't come , and he also told me he will come two months ago but till now he still there..

      And I already asked to my husband to divorce me..and he already told me divorce so many times.. In my religion divorce word also not allowed to came out from husband mouth , it will be serious in our marriage status .

    • That's what I meant. The second guy is a rebound. He's getting free personalized p*rn sessions on the webcam, I'm not sure he's so serious.

      Yeah, religion, yeah, status... If you are beaten up and unhappy, think of yourself first. Your god will forgive you, even if the stupid humans who pretend to serve him don't.

  • If your current husband hits you,and you haven't hit him first,you should leave.

    Get out of something that's bad,before you start anything else.


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