Should I get out before history repeats itself?

Alright every detail I just wrote got deleted so here's the quick version. I'm in love with my friend who got a boyfriend that made her depressed for almost a year. I couldn't stand being her tool to feel better with no thanks but just generally being used. I stabbed her in the back so she would get rid of me since I couldn't get rid of her. On the plus side she broke up with her boyfriend. She then comes to me 5 months later saying she misses me. Down side being I still care about her so I ask her about her boyfriend or Ex as I just found out claiming it was a bad relationship. 4 months later she tells me I'm a secret obviously because she got back together with her Ex which I also just found out. I tell her me and her new old boyfriend can't be both in her life unless we want history to repeat itself, none good not just the stabby stabby in the back. We barely talked about it, saying deal with it in baby steps and she cried, dint hear from her aside from a few small words here and there since.

I can't get this off my mind so I wanna know what someone else would do.


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  • it sucks, but I would have done the same thing.

    you will have to move on, if you don't, you will be the one to get depressed.


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  • I would stop being friends with her. You are a sh*tty friend, and are firmly in the friend-zone. It's best for her if you move on.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence but I ignored everything she's done to me in order to write this down quickly.

    • All the more reason to remove yourself from the relationship if there's "everything she's done to me".

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