Has any ex of yours ever come back?

i mean I miss him so much , we were great and I was his first true love- but it was a long distant relationship since we met and that was what made it difficult - he is a very sexual active person and he needed to have sex but that was not available since I lived on the other half of the world - he tried to stay without any sexual engagement for four months -and when troubles increased and we fought a lot he couldn't take it anymore although he did love me so much and he said that it wouldn't ever come to his mind to leave me but it is just so hard to do due to circumstances :( , I know that it is so hard too but I just miss how we used to be :( , so are there any successful stories of an ex who came back ?


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  • Well as for stories of returning ex's I have two but as for successful I have none. Reading this you reminded me of a friend who just had a break up for sort of the same reasons. So here was my advice to her. You should try to take some time and Forget him. He's going to try to move on and if he ends up having sex with the next girl he most likely will Move on and so should you. As for ex's coming back and being happy again it happen but not often and doesn't usually last.

    • omg ! thank you , your reply Is a good one ,but do you think if he could get his sexual desires fulfilled but without loving them , would he just forget about me ? or he may still have something in his heart ? - it hurts to imagine someone you love with someone else in bed :D

    • Since what you two had seemed to be more emotional. I doubt he will just forget you. Emotions don't go away for a while but if he's having sex with another girl which is crappy to imagine he will not acknowledge feelings for you even if they are in his heart. but as of now try to forget and attempt to move on. I wish you good luck on your next relationship

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  • You should wake up. LDR with no chance to meet, how is that supposed to work ?

    • we could have met every six months o.O ? As a guy could you stay without sex for all that time if you are in love with some who is not available ?

    • What's the point in meeting every six months ? Ever heard of sex, cuddles, going out together and stuff ? I can stay without sex if I am not with someone. But when with someone, it's just too frustrating.

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  • Ideally, if you truly love each other then he won't want to be with another woman.

    However, asking a young man with a healthy libido to only have sex every 6 months is unrealistic. I know because I've been there. It didn't work out and we both moved on to find people locally.

    I wish you the best but in all honesty, I doubt it can work out. :(

    • thank you , but yeah -it also frustrated him because he was so attracted to me sexually but couldn't have me at al -however- it is hard to imagine someone you love in someone else's bed ! but glad to know it is my problem alone , wish you luck too :)

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