Mixed signals and possibly pregnant, please give me some input?

So my ex boyfriend and I still had feelings each other and both of us admitted that. We're both in college about an hour from each other and I went to visit the other weekend. We had unprotected sex and I'm now possibly pregnant. After we had sex he just told me we can't be in a relationship right now. We continued to talk and I got a text asking for me to call him because he said he'd feel better if he heard my voice about everything going on. I called and we talked for about a half hour and he then told me he was going to bed. I got a text saying I told the girl I was talking to everything and we're not talking anymore. Ever since then things became "we" he's saying things such as we will be okay and things like that. He's said sexual things about missing my boobs and how good the sex was. But lastly, I texted him around 8am I know he has class at that time and I just said at some point today can you call me for a second? About 15 minutes later after he read the text he called me and I didn't pick up he texted me asking is everything okay? And called back and said I just saw your text and ran out of class is everything okay!? I was fine and he probably knew that. I didn't need him to call at that minute. I'm just confused on what he wants. He's showing signs he cares about me but I'm terrified of bringing up us getting back together. What does everyone thing?! Please give me some input
Oh I forgot to say! The night before this accident, he brought up "what if you got pregnant" and we just talked about it. Now he's telling me if I am we can't keep it. I don't know if he was planning something or it was just a coincidence.


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  • first of all stop having unprotected sex unless you want a baby. that's simple. yes you could be pregnant.

    what does the rest mean? it seems to me that you two deal in a lot of grey area. neither of you wants to fully commit or at least vocalize a desire to commit probably because you are both afraid of what the other may say. but you two clearly have feelings for each other

    • Sadly I was on birth control for two weeks but it wasn't effective.. I took plan B later that day but once the egg is released it's not as effective. I did have sex on my most fertile days sadly..Plan B was only supposed to stay in the system for a max of 72 hours.. it's been a while and I'm still not feeling well/having pregnancy signs. His reasoning for not wanting to be together is the distance... it's only maybe an hour away. I don't know how to take him honestly.

    • then just don't deal with him...honestly. it sounds like he is not willing to commit to anything fully so a relationship with him is just going to be more casual than anything. it sounds like he likes you but it seems clear that he is setting boundaries the help stave off a real relationship

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  • Jesus. Take a pregnancy test.

  • Stop freaking out about "signs".

    Every girl who has unprotected sex thinks she's pregnant.

    Get a test, if you're worried.

    • I think it was you who posted the cycle question oh but I figured out it would have been right on fertile days

  • What makes you think you're pregnant? It's not that easy to get pregnant.

    • I'm starting to show signs

    • It might be psychosomatic, that happens a lot when young women think they're pregnant. At what point in your cycle were you when you had sex?

    • I see you answered the other Anonymous (no, it wasn't me). If you were on fertile days (3-5 days before the middle of your cycle) then you should get a test. Even if the box says you have to wait a couple weeks, the test might come back positive after a couple days. If you want to be sure, get a blood test.

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  • If it's only about sex then you are nothing more than a booty call. And just an FYI never have unprotected sex again so you don't end up here.

  • You shouldn't of had unprotected sex if you didn't want a baby, to put it blunt.

    He probably still loves you and cares for you though.


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