All the stares with me and ex? Advice?

We have not spoken in a while. I saw with this girl and he was constantly looking at me over her shoulder and behind her back. I do not think they are together. He always checks me out. One of the moments we were walking past each other and we both that just stared at each other. This was our first looking in each other faces. It seem like he wanted me to say something and I wanted to say something. We just didn't...advice


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  • help me more , for how long you guys haven't talked or seen each other ? and would you want to start things again if there was a chance ?

    • I not sure but it has been years...ur thoughts

  • well , sometimes being separated for a long time heals every single issue you guys had - I mean if you were broken up because of some fights-differences or anything ,those years must have killed any hard feelings - which means if the spark ''sexual and emotional '' attraction is still there ,it may be a good chance to start things over - so if you are interested and sure that the way he looked at you meant that he wanted to talk to you too just try texting him maybe on fb or something - or better idea- try meet him up somewhere by a fake coincidence :D and see how things will go like

    • You think attraction is still there?

    • look - I can definitely recognize someone looking to me in an attracted way from someone who just looked at me out of curiosity - so you know how did he look at you ? did his eyes spark :D ? plus , were you looking good that day ? I mean the way he found you sexy in the past ? - only you knows if he was really into you sexually before or not , did he find you quite his type ? if yes - and you know you looked good at that day -so maybe the attraction is still there -btw the same is for u

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