Will he realize he has feelings for me when I'm not there?

My ex boyfriend ended our relationship 3 days ago because he said his feelings hadn't grown for me. We haven't been in contact since and he has gone back on the Internet dating website we were on. I felt that our relationship was good and he said it was too. I miss him so much. Will he realize what he's lost now I'm not there? Could his feelings grow for me if we got back together?


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  • A guy wouldn't just end a relationship if he still had feelings for you.

    "I love you so much I'm gonna go online and talk to other women."


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  • If he's good looking/successful with women then probably not, he'll just find someone else. If he isn't then it might even take a few months but eventually the pressure of being single, lonely and sexually frustrated will probably make him want you back.

    As for whether he'd want you back because of you rather than desperation I don't know, nobody here will, since we don't know you or him.


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  • Both are plausible. I wouldn't wait around for him though. He's moving on you should too.


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