How do I get my ex boyfriend to leave me alone?

he and his friends keep messing with me. he won't listen when I tell him to layoff. he even at one point beat me up. how do I get him to stop brothering me


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  • tell your parents or other adult.


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  • A kick to the nads would do it. lol.

    If he's beaten you up, why haven't you pressed charges?

    • its very complicated situation

    • shouldn't matter. If he resorts to violence, he's already crossed the line.

    • it wouldn't even matter if I press charges he would get out them. his mom is a lawyer and his dad is apart of the police force. it wouldn't even be worth it.

What Girls Said 1

  • He hit you? Freaking call the police! There's NO reason at all to keep up with that kind of abuse from a nutless moron!

    Other than that, ignoring them is the best way IMO as they only get more frustrated because they aren't getting your attention and they keep making a fool of themselves until things wear off.


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