Why does ex keep trying to meet up?

We broke up 3 years ago. I have no feelings left for him. A couple of months ago he would text me every few weeks just to catch up. He told me his girlfriend broke up with him because he is bad at relationships. He has been some inappropriate things (sexual ones) since then. I agreed to meet him about a month ago because he kept asking me. But he said he ended up having a meeting with an investor for his company, and basically stood me up. Since then...he texted me again today, asking if he could drop by to say hi.

What are his intentions? Does he just want to be friends? I noticed him and girlfriend have a pic together just last month...so not even sure if they're broken up. Why try so hard to meet up? Then stand me up? But still try again? Why do guys do this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He clearly has feelings for you, and confined in you to comfort him, clearly you used to comfort him in your previous relationship.

    AS for you not having feelings for him, well you allow yourself to block those feelings, that's why you don't. If you allowed yourself to open up you would have feelings for him.

    Clearly he still cares a lot about you. Maybe he just wants you as a friend right now, what's the harm? heck you can see if he has changed or not, and who knows, maybe you might fall for him again.

    Stop over analyzing and just go with it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would just ask him, maybe he still has feelings for you or I am not sue.


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