How did my ex get over me so fast?

so me and my ex dated for almost 7months. we broke up in January but we didn't stop talking, hanging out, or hooking up after that. it probably went on for another 2 or 3 months. but things just got hard cause I still really liked him but he didn't want to get back together. but now we don't talk at all its been months since we have talked or seen each other. but there is days where I really miss him and would love to hear from him since we now live in the same city. but I feel like he wants nothing to do with me and is completely over me. he always told me we would stay friends but we all know that never happens. do you think its too soon to say anything or just let him be ? any advice ?


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  • Hard to know, he mightn't be over it. Or he could be over it... it's kind of vague since you haven't really spoken to him and all you can go on is the fact he hasn't talked to you. Personally I get over break ups very fast, I don't get over the relationship or person. But when someone breaks up with me I tend to accept it and move on, I mean am I supposed to cry and mope about for months for no specific reason, all I'm doing is wasting time on something which is making me feel bad and which isn't getting me anywhere. So I'd be ruthless and just accept it like a man and move on.


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  • Very sad to hear, unfortunately some people do not value a relationship very highly even if its been months or years. I went through something similar with an ex. After more than a year she just decided one day that she did not care at all. It's never easy to move on. But if you think he really is worth it (which it sounds like you do) then you should try to talk to him. And in terms of if it is too soon, it shouldn't be at all. After all it has been months. Best of luck to you.

  • you still have feelings for him?


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