I ruined my first relationship is there anyway to fix it please I will give best answer?

I will try to keep it short.

When I first met my boyfriend I was trying to get myself together (homeless) I would often be too abrasive with him when we spoke because I was really focused and also it was a new relationship. It hurt him a lot so I would want to break up until I got better because I couldn't be nice at that time too stressed.

It was always something I was doing but breaking up would cause even more conflict.

Then it's like one day he just stopped caring.

I dropped everything me trying to get myself together me trying to make a better life for him. I focus on him to the point he doesn't even like me any more

"I don't see anything good anymore I'm not going anywhere I'm just hoping it comes back"

Ik I was abused when I was little I was just trying to support myself and I just wanted him to wait for me to be in a better mindset but he says he understands what happened and wants me to get over it and focus on myself

But I lost my virginity to him trying to show him I love him but and the end he hasn't called me in a week and I feel like I'm. Going crazy I did all the wrong things

I shouldn't have stopped focusing on myself it's just the pressure was too great I just wanted to show I cared I didn't know it would have the opposite affect he acts like I'm being clingy when I am just trying to say sorry

I spent two years of our knowing each other trying to explain but he still doesn't care he says he just isn't giving me his energy anymore.

He says no matter how many times I try to explain myself I can't control him he will never be mister nice guy to me anymore and doesn't care what I do.

I have depression now because I was just trying to find somewhere to live and focus on my lupus I feel it's a good enough reason why is he punishing me like this

What can I do now I want him to not be so annoyed by me it's like he hates me he doesn't even like talking to me please he is my first everything


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  • All you can do is say you are sorry and mean it. It is not your place to make anyone change or accept your contrition. You offer a real apology, then you can move on, knowing you did all you could ... because that is all you can do. Think about it. What else can you do? Be nice, say you are sorry, and move on. He may think it over and come back, some day, and apologize to you for some of the things he said to you, the way he acted toward you, and the way he made you feel you needed to give him your virginity to win his affection. He SHOULD apologize to you for those things. But, don't count on it. You learned a lot about you and about how some people react in these circumstances. Lear, grow, move on.


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  • If he is unwilling to forgive you and start over, you have to look elsewhere.


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