Ex in relationship now...should I stop contacting her?

Found out over the weekend she's in a new relationship - she broke it off and said she still wanted to stay friends -

We did connect deeply, but I was an a**hole and pushed her away bcs I was scared to commit.

We were friends in high school but hadn't seen each other in like 15 years.

I've texted maybe 3 times in the past month, nothing stalker/needy just to tell her I'm doing great and hope she's great - and none since I found out she's in a relationship.

Should I just stop trying to call her/text her?

f***... I've been married before and in a long term relationship, but really connected with this one and f***ed it up...


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  • I spit up with my wife, we got back together for 3 more years. We wound up splitting again anyhow.

    I would like to have had those three years back so I could have done something else with my life.

    If something has run its course, let it go - its so much better than holding on to a sinking ship. I had to learn that the hard way. You still have the choice to not deal with it and embrace the opportunity that change always represents.

    Yes, I think you should stop contact. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get on with that awesome new life that's just around the corner.


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  • I think you should distance yourself.

    Contact her once a month, allow her to contact you as well.

    If she does not then you know she's moving completely on from you.


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  • as per the bro code I think you shouldn't if you have intentions of trying to steal her away unless she's just his smash piece or something

    if your just being friendly then I don't think there is any real problem


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