Should I send a sympathy card?

My ex and I broke up almost exactly a year ago after an 8.5 year relationship. It didn't end badly, we just went separate ways. We have not had contact for 7 months now. Her father just passed away unexpectedly. I haven't seen him for a year. I was pretty close with him and his wife.

I didn't hear of his passing through any of them; I heard it through my family's friends. He was a great guy and so is my ex's step mom. I don't want to drum up any old feelings, but I thought it'd be a nice gesture.

It's kind of an emotional line to have to walk. I was just looking for input.



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  • I think it would be a kind, sincere and appropriate gesture especially because you cared for him. Just because you're not together anymore doesn't mean you have to be totally silent in instances like this given you still care about her as a person. Yes, I'd do it.


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  • Send her a card. You clearly care and there's nothing wrong with showing it. Since you guys didn't break up too badly she'd probably appreciate it.


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