Ex boyfriend deleted everything help!

I will try to make this short so lately my ex boyfriend and I breaking up a lot. I broke up with him didn't talk to him for 5 days and he was posting sad pictures tagging me about the breakup. Then we talk on the 6th day I talked to him and we were good but it doesn't seem like he's making an effort to take the chance to get me so I got mad and he saidd he's tired from work. We broke up again. The next day I apologize but he broke up with me and we fought. The next day we ended it in a good way. So I can still use his fb and he was receiving an email every time I open it but he is not talking to me. That was for 4 days I used his Facebook. But today he removed all my posts as well as my moms post on his wall and changed his pw. Why is that?


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  • Who the Hell cares. I think it is time to just let this one go.


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  • He moved on. Not sure why couples even have each others' fb pw's anyway. If all you're gonna do is fight all the time screw it.


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