Why would I guy say he moved on and didn't?

Like, I know this guy who I was into, and we talked before and he said he was over his ex. Well, like a month or two later, they are back together. Why did he lie to me?


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  • Well I don't know for sure since I don't know anything about him or the situation, other than what you've said (which is actually quite little) but I can speculate the most likely scenarios.

    1: He wasn't intentionally lying and he honestly thought he was over her. Which could mean...

    -- A: He thought he was over her, and found out he wasn't

    -- B: He thought he was over her, and when she came back, he fell for her again

    -- C: He thought he was over her, but when she came back, he found out he wasn't

    2: He really was over her, but decided to date her again. Because...

    -- A: Situations changed, and there's a more serious reason to get back and stay

    -- B: He gave her another go, because given history, he feels he owes her that much

    -- C: He was over her, but he fell for her again somehow (Not very likely)

    3: He really was lying to you, and the reason for that was because...

    -- A: He was putting on a front, and never got over her, but didn't wanna admit it

    -- B: He was putting on a front, and never thought he'd get back with her, so he lied

    -- C: He was just saying that, because he knew you liked him and thought it helped

    -- D: He knew you liked him and was leading you on (intentionally or not)

    -- E: He knew you liked him but didn't want to hurt your feelings

    -- F: He thought he had a better chance with you than his ex, again, so he lied

    -- G: He's just a liar and a dirtbag?

    -- H: Any one of a million other reasons, or a combination of the above reasons

    Point is, I don't know if he even was lying. Even if he was, I have no idea what the reasons he lied could be. It's absolutely impossible for me to tell with the information you gave. Even if you told me more, the odds of me accurately predicting only improves from "Impossible" to "difficult to say for sure" and so really, I'm afraid I can't give you the answers you're probably looking for.

    I can imagine you're (either) angry [and/or] hurt right now, but unfortunately, the only person who could possibly answer your question for sure, is him, and even then, who knows if he will even tell you the full truth. I'm afraid this is one thing you're probably going to have to just let go of, somehow. I know it sucks, but I can't really offer you much better.

    I'm sorry.


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  • Easy answer, He said he was over his ex to have sex with you. Could he say anything but that ?

  • Human emotions change more often than you pee.

  • He's in denial

  • He still had feelings for her.

  • What people say and what they really feel are often not one and the same. Even if he really believed he was over her, anything could have triggered feelings for her again. Perhaps it was a good memory, a familiar song, going to a place they used to hang out at, etc.

    Often, people tell themselves that they are over their ex when it is the farthest thing from the truth. Other times, they truly believe it but they don't realize their true feelings because they try to bury them.


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  • because he was trying to save face?

  • my daughter and her ex talked about getting back together just recently and he told her that there was a girl he started talking to during the summer right before she came back around(my daughter broke up with him in the spring and this other girl has had a thing for him for a long time) and he told her there's unfinished business between him and the new girl that he wants to explore before he gets back together with her(and he also doesn't completely trust that she won't leave him again). He told her he loved her and and he hopes she'll give him a second chance later and that he thinks this other girl deserves a chance. (he's one of those guys who takes sex seriously and is still a virgin so its not just for sex he likes her)

    now I don't know what this girl knows about this "chance" he's giving her or that he's telling his ex he still loves her and wants them to get back together one day but I can't imagine this is going anywhere good for the new girl and my daughter has completely taken herself out of the situation.

    it could be that he didn't lie that he was truly wanting to be over the ex but he just wasn't and he realized it after you guys were together. I guess it happens.


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