She Is Just Being A Friendly Girl Right?

She's a friend's girlfriend. He was my cousin's friend & we'd all play ps3 online together. I've hung out with him like 3 times and we still play ps3 together. 3months ago his girlfriend who I have never met found my instagram page and started liking my funny pictures and very few of pics of just me. She did this everyday almost everyday for a week, I liked some of hers also then eventually followed her and she followed back.

I don't think she's attracted to me but, it was random. She still rarely likes pic of me but always my funny post. Monday, I put a pic of myself saying I can finally relax " and she replied ya right you mean so that you could play the game like every other guy. I then mentioned I didn't have it yet and we commented back and forth briefly.Yesterday I post a picture of buying grand theft auto and she commented "I see they had copies left!".

I replied "ya the shelves were full" and she replied back about when her and her boyfriend went the day it released. She put a photo up on IG of the new iphone update and I commented on about the update. I posted up a photo of the same update today. She commented that's she's gonna have to get use to it. They have been together for 3 years I believe .


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  • She wants to be your friend cause of her bf


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