Agreeing with the break up? Hurt ego or did he really mean it?

Like "I agree, let's just leave it, we are not OK for each other"?


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  • well it doesn't really matter does it? Sounds like you broke up with him and now you're doubting it because he agreed. If he chased after you or begged for another chance, you would feel validated and move on quickly. Just my opinion.


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  • You don't know. It's not because you agree with it that it won't hurt you. Rational vs emotional.

  • Who cares? If you wanted to break up, you're broken up.

    Of course, if you didn't want to break up - if you thought the suggestion was going to somehow make him fight for you - well, you've just learned a valuable lesson about guys and threats now haven't you?


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  • Oh he is hurt alright.. guys have a huge ego.. especially when the girl breaks it off.. they tend to get very angry and upset.. some very emotional ones may just be shocked but in your case.. he seemed really irritated and all.. depends on the tone he said it.. If he said it very calmly and all then he meant it.. or else if not.. its the above I typed out first.. analyse his tone and actions..

    • we broke up through chat and text messages, we live far from each other so I don't know...

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    • dont delay it.. things cn worsen or he may even utilise the time to come up with unnecessry conclusions.. guys are really complicated.. either he too agreed or he jus gt hurt and irritated and didn't want to beg fr you to stay.. or he is nt interested in putting in efforts.. jus a few possibilities

    • I will try to give him a call tonight hoping he won't hang the phone up on me. Thanks :)

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