Should I try getting my ex back?

I cheated on my boyfriend. I know. Big f***ing mistake. But I know I would never do it again. It was a mistake and I learned from it. He doesn't want to see or talk to me. We haven't talked 3 days. What can I possibly do or even say to fix this? How can I show him I'm not the person he thinks I am. I would move on and use this as a lesson but I love him. And I couldn't imagine my life without him. Please don't judge on my age please.


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  • It's like you've broken a priceless artwork,and now you're trying to glue it back together and hope it's still valuable.

    I don't think you should contact him within a month.Even then it could be difficult and close to impossible.If you'd known each other for a year or two,he probably won't have trust in you for another year or two (even if you're perfectly behaved).


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  • Oh, you betcha I am going to judge you based on your age. You're under 18. If you cheated on him, you're not mature enough for a relationship. You obviously didn't care enough not to do it and know the consequences of your actions.

    Who says you won't do it again? You never know if you'll be tempted into doing it again. You cheated. You are that person.

    Honestly, if I were in his shoes, I wouldn't make any sort of contact with you. My philosophy has always been once a cheater, always a cheater. Move on, learn from this and grow up.


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  • You don't love someone if you cheat on them. You f***ed up (literally) learn from your mistake and move on. More importantly leave him alone he doesn't need to be hurt by you anymore.


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