My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago but

Neither one of us wanted to break up with each other. He has a kid with his ex girlfriend that he recently just found out about and he did not want to put me on the back burner while he takes care of his child and goes to university..

[We are in a few classes together and hangout with the same group of people outside of class.]

So I decided to move on. I am not dating anyone but I have been talking to a few people here and there. Anytime he sees me talking to a guy he comes and and completely takes over the conversation and leaves the guy I was talking to out of the conversation.

He has been EXTREMELY flirtatious with me when we are around our group of friends. And I have flirted back with him. He knows how to turn me on and I feel like he does it on purpose.

(I can't help it he drives me crazy) sorry for tmi

Ok so when it is just the two of us hanging, he is completely different. He barely talks to me, he doesn't flirt or anything like that. I have no idea what he is doing.

So could someone explain this to me please?

I fully understand that he now has to take care of a child and homework on top of that. I just don't understand why he flirts with me. Does he want the door to be left open for us as a couple? I just don't understand his motives that's all.


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  • Have you talked to him about this. He either wants a relationship or doesn't. Tell him to stop being an ass and let you move on with your life, since he wants no part of it.


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