What you think if your bf(or gf) told you this about his/her ex?

you guys got to talking about your past relationships, and he told you that his most recent ex dumped him out of the blue after dating for years(serious relationship), she said she was depressed, then came back a few months later saying she loved him, then dropped all contact, changed her number, deleted Facebook.. would you think she's crazy? Maybe he drove her crazy? Would you worry or just think this is normal young relationship type stuff?

Ok I'll admit I'm the crazy girl who ignored my ex, he has a new girlfriend now and I'm just wondering what she might think(if he even tells her) If my boyfriend told me that I would wonder why he didn't do anything to make sure she didn't kill herself... yeah I am ignoring him but he used come by my house almost everyday... why not just stop by... OK so that is just one part... also if I were the new girlfriend I would worry that he still has feelings for her since nothing got resolved... no closure... she could just come back at anytime.. how does she know he's truly over her?

Don't give me hate for this question, I defiantly do not want to break them up... I am going to keep no contact because I don't want to play with his heart. I will keep ignoring him... I am still depressed and don't want to bring him down and I don't want to break up their relationship.

One more thing... me and my ex both come from broken families, I was always getting abused at home for seeing him so our break up actually shouldn't be much of a shock... if this new girlfriend found this out wouldn't she worry that I may get better (move out) and then try to get back with him? Sorry for all the questions, its just this isn't like most break ups (someone cheated or back stabbed) I was faithful to him and loved him so much and always will... but I understand he's got to live his life and can't wait forever... well... we will see how long they last, not trying to curse them or anything... just his last girlfriend cheated on him, IN HIS BED at his house... I don't want him to keep getting hurt... this new girlfriend seems nice... just a little dull and sheltered/spoiled... I don't think she can love him like I can... I won't contact him while he's dating her but I might consider it afterward IF my life is bad on track.. there's no other guy for me so it would be worth one last shot... I rather be single for life than to be with another man.
to clarify I am his SECOND* most recent, girlfriend and his only serious relationship. His most recent was the girl that cheated and they only lasted a month or so.


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  • Well there was a ton there and I admittedly didn't read it all. But everyone had a past, as long as hey are focused on the present and the future with me I would get over it.

    • lol I wouldn't read it either.

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  • So he's on his second girlfriend after you now? He seems pretty moved on. I don't know what you can do at this point besides focus on yourself and getting better. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. It really seems like he doesn't want to be with you.


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