This is a break up advice question for the after break up. I've got a real problem here. please help.

so me and my ex darted for over three months. didn't really count a lot of time. and grown together a lot.well we got into a few bad fights. and I broke up with her. then wanted to get back together first she said she didn't want to be those people who brake up and got back together a lot. then she said she had problems she needed to fix later on. I said well maybe in a year or two she sighed and said I don't know drake I don't know.(my names drake)im bi sexual. she talked about guys to me. it kills me. like the other day she talked about black guys with piercings and that's in a apartment close to her. she said she has a thing for black guys. I was thinking I'm white I can't compete with that sh*t. why tell me that. I've been using guys to try to make her jealous. it snot working. I sued girls to. and I said things that werent entirely true sometimes. I need help. she's basically my best friend and I her. we know each other extremely well better than anyone even our own parents. so I have to stay with her its like I'm addicted. I need help. its making me lose sleep depressed and feel horrible. on top of my other problems
the depression became a every night thing. like right now
she si bi to. btu I can't fill her types. black guys and a easy to talk to girls. I just cant


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  • You need to get away from this chick. Seriously, she's a vampire, dude. She's sucking the life right out of you.

    Distance yourself. You need to find an activity to get you away from her. Something you can do with your guy friends. Or you need to find another girl to chase after.

    You're under 18 and you've got a lifetime ahead of you. Don't destroy your life over this girl.


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