Breaking up with guy who has been dumped a lot, how do I let him down easy without breaking his heart?

I have been dating a guy for only 2 months and I know we are not right for each other (though he thinks differently and thinks we are super serious). I have not led him on. I have not made serious future plans with him or told him I love him or anything like that.

He is 27 and has never had a relationship last longer than 2 months which I'm pretty sure he has been dumped quite a bit, and I am continuing that trend. He is not a bad guy, actually he is pretty nice, but we have nothing in common and I just know deep down there is no happy future for us.

How do I let him down easy without breaking his heart? Again, we've only been dating 2 months but he is waaaay invested in this "relationship" and I don't want to hurt him.


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  • Not breaking up with him just because you feel bad for him is pretty bad :(

  • Well, getting dump hurts, nothing you can do about it. Just be honest, don't tell him excuses and be respectful. Also, goodbye sex makes it bittersweet, which is always nicer than just bitter :-P


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