Ex keeps saying things, why?

So I dated a mental case but didn't know it for 9 months, since he wasn't around this one guy was taking on rolls of a boyfriend that my at the time boyfriend wouldn't do like talk and hang out with me. So things lead to things I ended uo making out with my friend and now me and him have been together for 2 years and 2 months my ex my first boyfriend tells people lies about me and calls me a slut loud so my current boyfriend can hear it but never around me but he's called me this since after he tried to get me back. He gives my boyfriend dirty looks and mouths how much he hates him. So is he calling me a slut to uoset my boyfriend to break up with me or some weird reason. Please help
Sounds right, lol I guess its good thag everyone hates him for the ass he acts like... How about OK when I was with him he wanted to get me preg, and say that my current boyfriend that was my friend then at the time was the father and get him locked up. (I shuned him when he even said it) but that plays into the jealous insecurity too right?


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  • Jealous and insecure.

    • Even if he doesn't care about people and uses them would that still count

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    • Sounds pretty good actualy lol thank you. Um... do you maybe have a good enough guess on why he has to say slut?

    • Because he's deranged and is trying to make you look bad.

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  • hahahahha what a complete idiot. Pft, I'd grab my current boyfriend and go skipping past him giggling but then again we are dealing with a mental person so just ignore it. Don't retaliate because you never know what ones capable of. Try not to take any notice of him.


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