I'm feeling like I need to take a break from college, should I?

Because my friends from last year don't want to hang out with me anymore because I didn't room with our other friend, cause I wanted to be closer to them. Now I have no motivation in school, I don't eat much, and I'm sad when I'm alone. Should I just go home and try again at a different school next semester?
What if I just don't care about school anymore


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  • i don't think your friend issues should be the only reason to leave a school. transferring can be very difficult as you will be going into a new situation with friend groups already established. obviously it's not impossible but it is hard often times to bridge that gap.

    i would suggest trying to mend fences. then also decide whether or not there are other friend groups you can participate in if the other group is absolutely not going to happen.

    just think long and hard about transferring because it could be a one of those "grass is greener" situations

    • @update: well you are having a bout of depression. but ithis could be a huge HUGE regret in your life if you decide to quit school over issues with friends.

      social life is a major part of school and life. maybe go talk to the campus counselor and express your concerns. decisions like this shouldn't be made in haste without consulting with people who can provide perspective

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  • I think you have to remember that you are studying for yourself.

    It's always sad when there is something bad going on with friends, but honestly, it happens.

    Friends come and go, degrees prepare for the future.

    • @Update : show a little strength. You have to adapt to life, how unpleasant it might be, because life won't adapt to you.

  • You are there to learn, not just to socialize.


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  • dont leave school because you don't feel good. its a bad habit that can't be sustained. you'll have work when you don't feel like it and do many other things you don't feel like.

    study hard make new friends. friends are transient. all relationships are. don't get hung up on people who don't respect you. there are so many people in the world, you'll find new friends.


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