Do you think my ex has moved on?

I'll keep it short. My ex and I started communicating at least once a week after no contact for 3 months. The last time I heard from him was 3 weeks ago. Has he moved on?


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  • Hey I know that break ups hurt a lot but this is all part of the process. I know it seems like forever since he contacted you and the pain of uncertainly may sting but you need to try your best to move on. If you can hang out with a friends or friends do so it will take your mind off of him at least temporaroly.

    • I'm trying. Sometimes I feel that it gets worse :(

    • Try looking up K?bler-Ross' Five Stages of Grief it didn't totally make me feel better but it did help

  • I would say yes. 3 weeks is a long time for a guy to not say anything, IF he is interested.

    Since I have no idea who broke up with whom and why, there isn't much else I can say. Just in case you are thinking/hoping to get back together, don't do it. If you broke up for a good reason, it will not be the same if you get back together!

    • :(

    • I know it sucks, but that is the deal with break ups :/

      Know you will get over this eventually. There is no rush, you can take your time and you should. ( link

    • Thanks :)

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