I want to know the reasons why she is acting so mean?

there is a girl that I have a crush with. we are becoming a friend but right now she is upset with me, I don't understand her, I don't know what is wrong with me. she doesn't want to talk with me. first when I met her, I thought she was into me or want to get know more about me then she found out I was too busy with my study cause I studied hard for my US medical license Exams. I told her that I studied 8 hours a day and don't have time for have fun. then she was not into me and avoid me. I found out that she liked her friend but I don't think her friend like her back. I never called her , jsut only messaged , and I never gave signs that I like her, couple of times she replied my messages after that she never reply again. 2 months ago I asked her out cause I wanted to know her feeling for me and I realized that she didn't want to date me then I backed up and not initiate conversation or texted her anymore and moved on. we are in same class in school, its little bit awkward but we look cool and pretend nothing happened between us. I talked to other girl in class and invite other girl to sit beside me, so we are three sit together and I am in the side but the girl that I asked sit between us. then she told me just move out and back to my original seat. in my mind I don't sit at your side but in her side, what's her problem. I am laughing why she is telling me that I need to move back. she looked confused and didn't say anything. so I know she doesn't like me or she avoided me, I didn't care and never initiate conversation, but she looked upset cause I ignored her or cause I liked her, can anyone tell me why she give cold shoulder?


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  • Where was your old seat? If it was far away, then it looks like you came closer with new girl to try to make girl jealous and that is very annoying. She is giving you the cold shoulder because she doesn't want you around her anymore. So stay away.

    • she is looking at my way, and I looked at my friend who is behind her, she looked surprised when I looked at her side. and also she is laughing cause she said that I made a strange face when I looked at her. I don't understand this girl, sometimes she is giving signla that she likes me but sometimes she gave me cold shoulder. should I come to her and talk with her?

    • No. Ignore her. If she really likes you, she will come to talk to you.

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