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I've been talking to my ex again and we both agreed to have a strictly sexual relationship. I don't mind this but the problem is that what if he meets someone else and than he cuts me off? This thought has been going through my head. I'm wondering if I should tell him I really just wanna be friends because the thought of him not being in my life at all would hurt. I really truly like him as a person and want to tell him this that for me its just not sex. I sincerely would give all that up just so I could hang out of course we still could have sex I don't mind at all. So do you think its a good Idea to be this honest with him?


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  • Oh anon, anon, anon...

    He will meet someone else and he will cut you off. He wouldn't have agreed to the strictly sexual relationship otherwise. It would also be extremely disrespectful to the woman he does care about to not cut you off and very rarely, if ever, talk to you again.

    Just be friends? You're mistaking this relationship. He doesn't want that. He's sticking around because of the sex. He may stick around a little longer to work on you opening your legs again, but beyond that, it's not happening. He doesn't want to be friends nor do most men.


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