What the hell just happened things were going great!

Okay so I was dating this women that I was really starting to warm up to. We went to Elementary school and High school together, she was the one that convinced me that this was perfect because we had all the same memories and this just seemed right. To be honest I wanted to take it slow because she wanted to dive in head first and she was recently divorced with 2 daughters. we started talking all the time going on dates and I was starting to see a future with her, my heart was opening up. Over the weekend she left town with her girlfriends and she's texting me everyday letting me know how she's doing and that she's having a great time and calling me pet names. I text her she tells me she's back home on a hangover and helping her girls with their homework and she'll text me tonight, she doesn't text, no big deal she's tired and has daughters I understand this. The next day we start talking she says she's still not back to normal yet and will call me tonight.. nothing so I just text her goodnight and asked how she was doing? now she won't answer me at all. it just confuses the hell out of me because she went after me and now I haven't heard from her. I know there's nothing else I can do, I just wish if she didn't want me anymore she could have told me. I would have been more okay with that than not knowing.


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  • sounds like something happened during thie "girls weekend" and she is try to figure out how to tell you. perhaps she made a little drunk mistake, or perhaps she's gotten herself truly sick although I'd assume it may be more along the lines of the first one.

    i don't know that she doesn't want to be with you anymore but it does seem like something probably happened... maybe you should call her and sort it out

    • Turns out you were right! Congrats

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    • And that doesn't really bother me.. its the fact that she so chicken sh!t to face me. Instead of making me wonder why she doesn't acknowledge me..lol

    • oh I hear ya. I hate that cowardly bullsh*t. I had a girlfriend who went to vegas (a trip I paid for btw). the moment she got back I could see something was not right. I asked her about it within the first hour she was home and she denied, denied, denied. A month later (a freakin month) she admits that she hooked up with a dude after my friend did some digging and found out from a friend of hers... I don't like cheaters but don't respect cowards

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  • give her more than two days to get sorted and recover, you keep pestering her when she's told you twice she's not feeling good

    just don't contact her until she initiates it, she's most likely hungover/ill from the girls party weekend and as you mention had to help her daughters out and spend more time with them and take them to school, sort her house cleaning out, maybe a job. just let her recover and don't make her feel like she's being harassed because itll make her not want to reply


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  • Wait, she told you she will call you 'tonight'...meaning Wednesday, September 25? When was the last time you spoke to her?

  • Dude..first you're mimicking her behavior...acting too available, and enabling her poor behavior.

    Should not be doing all the senseless texting. Then after she told you she didn't feel well...you kept talking,and contacting her. Then she tells you again she doesn't feel good. Anytime a woman tells you she isn't feeling good, or that something is wrong, should be your sign its time to back way off.

    How long has it been since you communicated? You need to end communication until she contacts you again. NEVER bring up the past in any way. Don't ask her how she's feeling etc etc. If she contacts you via text, and its positive, don't text her, but call her the next day. If the phone convos is good, and she seems happy, ask her out.


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