Me and my ex dated for 7months and he just stop contacting me back then I didn't contact him.

Me and my ex had a big fight about me not wanting to take him to his 14 years old son mom's house so he can give his son his child support at 12:00am (labor day weekend.) So we didn't talk 4 about 3 days because I said some very mean things cause I don't believe he just want to see his son I believe it still have deep feelings for his son's mom. Plus it was very inappropriate time of night. We had issue about him coming in @early morning hours also. I just feel so disrespected, angry and very hurt. Because he just doesn't make me a priority @ all. He stop answering my texts/calls recently. And I know I must move on because I cry everyday because of this toxic relationship. But, I haven't been in a sexual relationship in 10years and my ex knows this. I feels so played until I just don't know what to do. Please help I just so HURT.


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  • I understand you are hurting, but I am not going to wear kid gloves with my response.

    I am a single father and your post makes me feel very good about my decision to avoid the drama of dating.

    From my perspective, I feel you are acting paranoid, jealous and resentful to the fact he has greater obligation and priority in his life than you (his son and his need to pay child support)

    You do realize if he messes up with his child support payments he could face jail time right?

    And you want to casually ignore that he and his ex got a divorce for a reason? Perhaps several reasons? You realize 99% of divorced men have no romantic interest in thier ex wives and the idea of getting back with them makes us sick?

    You feel disrespected because why? Because you aren't the center of his universe? My sons are the center of my universe and the moment a woman tries to guilt trip me or shame me about that - lets just say I would stop returning her messages too.

    If you can't handle dating a single parent - then do single parents a favor and don't date them.


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