What a I missing here? Is there something I'm not catching onto?

I've gone out with a great guy a few times, and when we are together, he seems really into me, we have a lot in common, and we have a great time. Last time we met up, he had had a rough day and got off work late, but met me anyway for a drink. We made plans to go to an event in the city the following weekend, and at the end of the date, he walked me to the car and leaned in to give me a slow, long kiss. When I kissed back, he have me another one. He later text me to say I was a good kisser.

But what I don't understand is why I don't hear a thing from him in between dates. If I text him, I'll get a response, but it's not a long conversation before he stops texting. Sometimes he won't even respond to a text if it's not a question.

Is there some signal that I'm missing here? Should I ask him? Should I just leave it be and assume he doesn't want to talk during the week?


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  • Here's my take on it.

    It sounds like he likes you, but it seems like he's the type of person who isn't really into a lot of texting.

    When I first read your message I thought that maybe he was afraid he'd be bothering you if he texted you first, but then you went on to say that he sometimes won't even reply to a text if it's not a question, or the conversations are minimal.

    To me, it sounds like you're more of the kind of woman who enjoys keeping contact going throughout the time between dates. It's not a bad thing at all, I'm the same way. I love keeping in touch as much as possible throughout the week if I'm not with my partner, and she's the same way. However, not everyone is the same.

    Do you ever call him? Has he ever suggested talking on the phone instead? It may be something he's more comfortable with.

    If it's really bothering you, I wouldn't feel bad about asking him about it. Just say you noticed he's quiet with you between dates, and ask him if your texts are bothering him. If he says no, then let him know that you were just making sure, because he's distant with you when you're not together.

    Hopefully that helps a bit!

    • Yes, that does help me thanks! I will ask him. I do like keeping in contact, but I am also fine with not speaking as much between dates as long as I know it's not a sign of him suddenly loosing interest.

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