Should I tell this girl her man cheated on her with me?

So I'm not sure if they still go out, but its definilty his EX. So this guy I met, I really liked him and I met him at my prom. He told my friend who's his cousin that he liked me. So finally we reconnected after 5 months. He's the sweetest guy I ever met, and he texts me mostly every day .But while on his face book I saw a girl post something calling him her baby. So I'm confused now, from looking at her page they used to go out but they broke up. He told me he just got out of a relationship, and I did too. So I'm not sure if she's just obsessed with him or if He's still messing with her. I have this urge to ask her in her inbox so I won't feel guilty for talking to him and we've already kissed. I feel like I'm a hoe.


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  • At this point, I wouldn't bother.

    He said he is recently out of a relationship and there is a good chance she isn't over it, especially if he dumped her.

    No need to inject yourself in that drama. See how the guy continues to behave.

    After all - you are talking about a Facebook post you once saw that is tripping you up? By all means invite mad drama because of that! (joke!)

    Never mind this guy is treating you well (you said he was sweetest you ever met) and in regular contact with you. We all have our insecurities and its OK to feel nervous, but don't go around wearing those insecurities on your sleeve - that's not very attractive. Remember, you want to be the bigger/better deal than his ex, so act like it.

  • You shouldn't at all feel like a hoe. You didn't do anything wrong.

    And yeah, you should of course tell her


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