Why am I starting to fall for my 3rd ex-girlfriend again?

Seriously, this to me is weird because I've had 5 girlfriends and because I'm single now, I'm regaining feelings for 3rd ex which is weird because you're typically suppose to lust after your last ex not a girl you dated almost a year ago. Seriously, she goes to my school but it's not really seeing her that only gets me but even before school started I started falling for her again. When I see her, she's so much hotter. I was in love with her and she "was" too when we dated. She cheated on me and I don't know why I'm falling for her again. Her passion for love was amazing especially during sex. After we broke up, I seriously hated her and felt nothng except freedom from there on but now, what the f***?


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  • Don't. just don't. Nothing good will come from dating an ex.


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