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About meeting an ex with whom you had an awesome relationship and the following scenario starts to roll down: Everything goes just okay, we go out and have a blast everyday, don't stop seeing each other even a single day, you tell her you love her, she tells you she loves you, she goes on holiday abroad in her home country, we say goodbye dropping some tears, she sends you just after a week of vacations an email stating she's not ready for a serious relationship (thought we were in one for the way we managed it - I'm truly honest when I'm say it wasn't just my own idea) because she got a call from her ex, doesn't talk to you for a month, comes back, doesn't say a word when we finally met, dumps you by sms, contacts you after a couple of days to inform you her daily activities, calls you "dear" in her sms', arranges a meeting with you to do some random stuff we used to do together, somehow goes back to you and starts dating you again, you find out that she went on a trip for a weekend with her ex (or with any other guy for that matter, as there's no way for you to know who the ex would be) by discovering a set of pics of that trip in her laptop and there's one showing them kissing, you mentally freak out, you're ill and the medication doesn't allow you to think well, you tell her that you need to think and leave the place, you wake up the next day and find in your inbox a break-up letter, telling you that "it's time to be honest with herself, she doesn't love you", invites you to have a final dinner, you accept it because you can't deal with it all, you left the place saying that it would be the last time you'd see her under those conditions.

And after the aforementioned...

She deletes you from Facebook, meets you in an exam and doesn't even say hi to you, as you were the bad guy here, doesn't talk to you for months, and you start to learn to live with it, you get to know she left the country for her thesis and you feel okay about it, you find out your classmates are planning to arrange a meeting for it's our last year of studies, and she happens to be back in the country and you'll meet her eventually.

How would you feel if all this has happened to you? I truly can say that I haven't done anything bad to her to be treated as a sack of dung.


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  • She's just a psycho. Move on.


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