What should I do about my relationship?

My boyfriend never wants to go out with me. I'll sleep over his house (we don't always have sex) but that's it he never wants to go out to the movies, dinner or even the park. He goes out with his friends and I don't complain. I asked him many times but he never has an answer. I've broken up with him about it before and he begged me to stay, but no changes. I feel like something is wrong with me, but I don't understand what. What makes matters worst is that my ex treated me the same way. I don't want to go out every day or weekend but I feel like once in a while a man should want to be around his girlfriend. I also don't mind splitting the bill or paying once in a while. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough or something. I've been thinking about breaking up with him but I also want to try and make it work.


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  • Im sorry to tell you that but same thing happen to me, and he will never take you out, not now not later...i was in a relationship for 8 months and my boyfriend use to go out with his friends, but he never took me out, I thought the same thing you thinking...i spoke to him, I asked him, and he never had a question, we broke up, and I still tell him sometimes, its incredible you never took me out, because he keeps going out w his friends, and still he say someday he will take me, but that day never comes. later I found out that when we were together you was also going out w other girls...its a sad story...but you should better cut him lose, and start having fun your way.

    • You are right, I guess I strike out again. :(

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  • People do change, your young too. Just talk to him. Try to communicate to him that you wanna go out more. Its not like he doesn't know. My first true love left me years ago because she said I "didn't buy her enough things" (when I did on special occasions, but she wanted it every month) and because of the same reason what your boyfriend is doing. But I did take her out, and didn't hide her from society.

    Anyways, just talk to him.

  • maybe he just wants to save money? if he's going out and spending money with his friends, and not with you, then that's an issue. But if he's not spending money and just seeing his friends, then he's okay.

    Ask him to take you out once in a while. Tell him you feel suffocated when you stay in the house all the time.

    • I have told him how I feel. I feel like I'm talking to myself. Yes he does spend money with his friends. I don't want anything but time, but I guess I have to find that with someone else. :(

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    • I have told him I am unhappy. He's not an emotional type of guy, anything he feels he keeps inside. He doesn't like to argue so he avoids the situation at hand. He keeps telling me that I'm over thinking the situation but I don't think I am and to stop worrying but I can't help but wonder if he's ashamed of me. Maybe there is someone else and I'm just the fall back girl. :(

    • Your both young and he doesn't know what he's doing. In the relationship above that I stated, she never opened upto me. It's upto you on what you wanna do.

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  • How long have you been with him? Maybe he just wants to take things slow before making it official completely?

    You must talk to him about it. Do you know if he has plenty of money to go out with you?

    Is he for some stupid reason not proud to go out in public with you?

    It doesn't mean you aren't beautiful or sexy.

    I dated a guy who was too proud to take me around his family because they were all drug addicts and I wasn't. And, he knew they wouldn't like me because of it.

    You need communication. How long have you been dating him?

    Maybe it will take time?

    • We've only been together for 4 months now, so not very long. Maybe you're right about him wanting to take things slow. We talk about everything under the sun no problem. But when it comes to how I feel about us not doing anything together, he shuts down avoids the issue. Other than this issue we get along very well I just feel like I'm being hidden, not good enough to be seen with him. :/

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    • I think it's better I get out now. I'm unhappy and I've tried talking to him with no response. Besides my gut is screaming for me get out now, so I'm going to listen (which what I didn't do with my ex). Thank you for helping me! :)

    • aw I am proud of you. best wishes xx

  • I think you definitely need to sit down and talk about it with him. Lack of communication in a relationship can be the ending thing.

    It is a little odd that he does not want to go out at all. Do you guys ever just hang out at the house and watch a movie and cuddle? Or bake together or something?

    I would not approach him with a "why won't you go out with me" attitude. If you think he is worried about the price of going out on dates (which can sometimes be insane) there is some really cute cheap dates ideas out there.


    Has some awesome ideas. Pick a few, put them on idex cards and ask him to choose.

    If he refuses, that gives you an opening to talk about it with each other. If he willingly accepts, then ta da, problem solved. :-)

    Tell me how it goes okey?

    • Talking to him is like talking to a wall. I can express how I feel and he won't respond simply because he doesn't want to start an argument. When in reality him being zipped lipped about it makes me feel like doesn't care. He'll mention what I've said about us no doing things couple in love do but that's as far as it goes. I've mentioned about going to the park (the park is FREE), but something always comes up, or I don't hear from him. I don't mind contributing but he never acts interested.

    • Just tell him that if he does not start acting like he wants to spend time with you, then you are going to find someone who will actually notice you. I'm sorry that he has been acting so strange.

    • I'm going to start meeting and going out with different people.

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