(Guys) Would you break up with your girlfriend in this situation?

You have a one night stand with some random woman, then you start dating someone else a few months later. Then about a month into the relationship, the woman that you have a one night stand with contacts you and tells you that she's pregnant. You take a paternity test and it turns out that you are, indeed, the father of the child.

Would you break up with your girlfriend to be in the child's life?

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  • Only if I liked her and see myself spending my time with her for some years ...

    but then again my question I guess would be "shouldn't you break up with him?". saves you a lot of trouble. He has a child it's not just a toy or pet. A pet you just let him lose in the yard and feed him twice a day. Having a child means being there for at least 18 years (if he wants to be involved).

    So sit him down and ask if he wants to be involved in it or doesn't give a damn... either way it's not that good for you. (would you want someone that leaves women pregnant and doesn't care)


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What Guys Said 6

  • No. Obviously if I saw that second girl as a one night stand, I didn't see myself even possibly being her boyfriend, let alone being in any sort of relationship with her or raising her children. I'd keep dating who ever I was dating, and I suppose I'd have to consider my options in regard to the kid at that point. I'm not sure what I'd do in regards to the child, but I'm not going to go to that women just because she got prego.

  • I wouldn't break up with the current girlfriend because I go with the flow. It was a random woman, right? I would tell my girlfriend immediately though

  • I doubt it. That's a bad reason to be with someone... just cause there's a kid from your stupid immaturity in having casual sex? I mean, you can still be in the child's life and not be married or with the woman. And probably for the better because it's someone you barely know and it might not work out at all.

    This is why I hate casual sex though. The consequences are too great and if such a consequence happen the real tragedy is to the kid. All because people are too f***ing impatient and selfish to take things slow and find the right person so that if such a thing does happen they can be happy with that person and raise the kid in a happy home.

  • No I would be lucky if my girlfriend wouldn't break up with me if I did that.

  • why would I need to break up?

    If I didn't want a kid no one could make be in its life.

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What Girls Said 1

  • keep on dating the second chick. now if you end up breaking up with her then sure go to the preggers...it's very valiant of you to even consider it. I guess you could try it out. it is worth it...you're talking about another child's life here.

    being raised by a single parent is rough.


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