Guys, what reasons would you spy or watch your friend's ex girlfriend?

I am curious to what guys talk about after they break up with their ex or whatever. Why would ex' boyfriend's friends spy on an ex girlfriend or watch her. Does that mean the ex-boyfriend still likes her or talks about her?
I mean I know guys talk about their girlfriends or exes. I mean because even his family done it.


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  • Sounds more like the friend of the ex likes the girl.

    • all the guys? I mean really you sure the ex may not spy and go back say well I saw your ex today at the store she was eating and talking to another guy.

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    • It doesn't sound like anything me or my friends would do. It would be really weird and creepy for a friend to ask me to do that, or for a friend to offer to do that for me.

    • not they offered but a friend knew how you felt about the must be different for different cultures or something.

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  • The friend likes her. Or he is just some weird stalker guy. I doubt it has anyhing to do with her ex.

  • None... Why would a guy bother?

  • It means they're all a bit psycho.

  • friend: you still going out with that one girl?

    me: nah...

    friend: let's get f'd up!

    guys usually don't talk about their relationship problems with other guys

    his friends could be checking up on you for him or they could be trying to make a move themselves.


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