Would this be too keen? I want to create a personal birthday card and send it her online?

We haven't met, but been getting to know each other for a while, I made some mistakes by teasing a bit too much and jumping to conclusions.

- I sent her a message on Facebook assuming she was in a relationship by saying, "Do you have a boyfriend?". She says "No I don't"

- I said "Ah right, it was misleading" and that we should re-follow each other (I think at one point I unfollowed her) on twitter and lose our grumpy faces (in a jokey way). She says "You started it" then a second reply saying "again".

- I tell her "I know, I shouldn't have" then I make a joke. She replies "We will see"

- Decided to change the subject and asked how her exams went, she says "Alright.. I got a 2:1" (Noticed her replies are getting quicker)

- I reply "That's good, you clever cloggs. Knew you would pass" and she says "haha:)"


I haven't contacted for 2 days and I won't be for another 2 days until it's her birthday.

I want to be creative and send her an online birthday card that I've made. So the front of it is a picture of her favorite show and inside is greeting her by her nickname I gave her, and a short message wishing her happy birthday. Then a picture with a few words relating to a short story that made her laugh a while back.

Is this too keen? We're not together, but I'd like to make her smile after acting in a wrongful manner with her.


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  • If you like her and want to relationship do it. If you just want to be friends you might be sending the wrong message.


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