Do I seem more like a girl who he is wasting time with? be honest with me

well I live with him but I think he still love his ex girlfriend. even though it has been almost a year since we been going together, I really think he with me out of guilt because of how he did his ex. I only met his family that lives in the city, but the other part of the family refuse to meet me. every time they ask about who I am, they refuse to meet me. on Facebook, he look completely single. he uses Facebook to update his family about his life and he stay on there all the time every since the girl called his phone. so now he sleeps with his phone on silent with a lockcode. when I leave for training my gut is telling me he is going to leave me. even when he took me out of state with him his family acted funny with me. I talked to him about this all he said was " what you talking about"? his ex repeatedly kept calling/texting him, so I talked to him into filing a harassing warning claim. he regretted it the next day. on the order claim, he listed his name as his ex last name. its like he wasting time with me. he don't wanna be on a video with me. when we take pictures, I have to ask him to show some kind of sign we are dating if not he will ignore it and like other women pictures.he rarely take me out. we only go out to eat, and the movies and that's rare. for valenties day he didn't give me anything he just took me out to a dance. he took his ex to meet his dance team in another state and the other side of the family. on Facebook, he refuse to post pictures of us so I have to tagg him in pictures. the kind of pictures where we both stand together or pose like we are best friend forevers are the kind he leave tagged on his page. he have 2 pictures of me on his page. I have over 30 of us.
his ex still text his phone and call it. he don't answer nor do he want me answering it. its like he protecting her.


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  • Yea... So why are you still sticking around?

    Can't you see what this is doing to u?! Look it's driving you mentally insane. Just dump him.


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