What the hell am I supposed to do about this guy? (twin flames)

so 2 years ago I kept having these really weird, vivid dreams about this guy and I knew EXACTLY what he looked like and everything. I really wanted to know if he was real because he felt so real so I prayed thati could meet him and that we would fall in love. I immediately heard "you will meet this guy in 3 days but I warn you that it will be a struggle"

so I didn't really take into consideration this whole struggle thing and was overly excited to meet him in 3 days...sure enough this guy that looked EXACTLY like the guy in my dream came into my life in the most unexpected way. the very first night we started dating because it was just too perfect and ever since that day we were inseparable. here's the problem.. WE FOUGHT LIKE CRAZY. every day we would fight because of our insecurities. we loved like crazy to the point where we were upset over the tiniest things that truly hurt us. we dated for 14 months total and then had a catastrophic break up that almost killed us. he went to Europe with another girl for a year to get away from his feelings for me

every day I could feel him thinking about me and I was thinking about him. I'd have dreams of him breaking up with her and getting back with me in September

well my dreams were correct..he did break up with her and he came back in September so now we are back together. the only problem is...he's changed! he's kinda a douche bag now but I still love him. I wonder if it's just because he's trying to protect himself but I really wish he could be the guy I fell in love with. he is 100% without a doubt the one because all of the obvious signs I mentioned earlier but how the heck can I get him back to the old person he once was? help please!


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  • Twin flames don't fight really, soulmates do that more often


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  • Obviously, you are a woman of God. You have a gift and need to ask God how to use it to your advantage at this point. God speaks o you clearly in your dreams and you have the right to ask him to show you anything you need to know. You nee to make yourself available to receive it. Rad your bible for more revelations and talk to God in an intimate level.

    You mentioned that od reveal to you how and in how many days you will meet this guy and also the latter that he was coming with and you accept it. Since I went to pretty much the same struggle you are going through I can testify that prayer changes everything.

    Embrace yourself and engage him in prayer with you. Start small by praying for at least five minutes together when he comes over or when he's living.

    I hope things work out for you


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