Ex and I still hang out, I want him back, should I cut contact for a while?I feel like he takes me for granted

Does ignoring your ex ever make them want you back?

We were together for a year. All summer, he had very on-off behavior, into me one day then not into me the next. we didn't officially break up during that time but he was questioning his feelings for me and taking a lot of space.

After we jumped into a full relationship again, we broke up a month later for good. He was really sad and said the reason he never wanted to break up when we had issues before was because he was terrified of losing me. He said he still wanted to talk and hang out all the time and that he would be there in a second if I ever needed him. I thought he was just saying it to be nice, but he actually followed through and has been talking to me/wanting to hang out pretty much every day.

The breakup was five weeks ago. The first week I ignored him because I needed some space. He was persistent and clearly worried about not seeing me again. After a week of turning him down, I agreed to hang out.

He was very affectionate at first but his interest in me seems to change constantly. He still contacts me almost every day, but when we do hang out in person it's a 50/50 - half the time he seems totally into me and like my boyfriend, the other half it feels boring/he seems uninterested. I'd say like 75% of the time he initiates us hanging out.

So I don't know what I should do... I want him back... should I keep hanging out with him and basically giving him exactly what he wants, in the hopes he'll want me back? Or should I cut contact so he can finally see what life is like without me and miss me?

Please give me advice!


Most Helpful Guy

  • You want a relationship. If he doesn't want a relationship with you, then you can't be with him, period.

    Even if that doesn't get him back, you clearly need to cut contact so that you can MOVE ON. You're in limbo where you're at, because you're letting him string you along. You're just hurting yourself and dragging out the pain by doing this.

    Either he'll be with you 100%, or you'll move on and find another guy who will be.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd suggest you cut contact and take a breather. After that you can always see if you wanna date him again yes or no. These kind of things work out very very rarely though.

  • "basically giving him exactly what he wants " = sex when he wants ?

    Is he totally into when it's sex time ?


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's best to cut contact. Weather or not it makes him miss you and makes him want to try to win you back doesn't matter. It's best to believe that won't happen unless you have a gut feeling that it will. No contact will be better for you because you won't have that awkward relationship that you have now. Obviously, the way you guys are now isn't benefiting you and you seem to want more from him. It's best to cut contact. That way you're not stuck having him in your life but not the way you want him to.


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