So hey guys would you go out of your way to change your number?

So hey my ex and I agreed we would have a sexual relationship. So far it hasn't worked out to good that I can remember. We only got together one time and well I was lit because I wasn't thinking and drank while on my Vicodin's, and he was high. Anyway I woke up not even remembering him leaving. I think we had sex but not sure. Anyway I text him a few days later and explained to him what happened why I probably passed out and he said he'd come over in a couple of days, however I didn't feel well and he said the next week was fine. Its the next week and we still haven't got together. Anyway what I'm getting at is the kind of texts I've sent him are only on the relationship we have like sending sexy pics, and asking him if he wants to come over and have some sex. Well his phone was turned off on the 23rd and he couldn't get any texts the next day he could than today I sent one and less than a minute later he couldn't get anymore. Now I'm probably over thinking this and I am nervous I'll never see him again cause of how the sex went and I'm hoping he wasn't upset cause I didn't feel good, my friend who owns the cellphone store said his phone was not on because of lack of payment and he said that if he had paid it it wouldn't have said that. Am I being paranoid and should I not over think this? I mean its like he knows hella people, so I'm wondering would a guy really go out of his way to change his number to avoid an ex? Would any of you? Now mind you I never yelled and over text I just text a couple of times and only called once in a week.


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  • Only if I asked them to stop and they kept harassing me.

    I don't think that is what happened to you. Unless he doesn't give a crap about his credit score, failing to pay your bill is not how you change your number. Usually a change within the service, or at the very least a cancellation of the service.

  • usually there's spammage before the changing of numbers. I don't know tho, most guys wouldn't throw away a sex whenever you want it relationship with an ex


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