Has my ex boyfriend moved on?

I just checked my whatsapp and Line account as I wanted to send messages to one of my friend. As I was searching, I saw my ex (long distance) boyfriend just changed his PP, after we broke up. Like 3 weeks ago, I saw he wore a pink T-shirt, with a sexy girl print. He owned it for a long time, but never wore it only once, and it lasted for only few minutes when I requested. Then I give my "like to his picture" But still I wondered why he did that (after we broke up).

And I saw again that he changed his PP wearing red T shirt. I told him before, few times that he looked good in red. But almost never saw him wearing red. Though he bought, but he wanted to return it. But I begged him to keep it, and he did. Now he wore that T shirt in his PP. He's a shy guy. It's been 3 weeks since the last time we talked, as I closed my 'private' Line account in order to move on, and just make another 'public' one. I didn't check my timeline often, so I wasn't alarmed for his updates.

Then I clicked on his Home Page at Line, he never changed his PP. It was still the picture of us shopping together, with me hugging his back at an elevator with paper bags in our hands. I drew him that picture because once he said that he imagined shopping together with him. And he also didn't delete his old posts (my drawings) of my romantic imagination with him. We broke up, doesn't it mean he has to change the cover picture into something that has nothing to do with me in order to move on?

We broke up because I think I couldn't make him happy anymore, he deserved a better woman than myself (honestly), he was too good for me. And though he said he tried to hang on, but somehow he felt the same way. He said he still wanted to talk again as friends but later on when we moved on. I wanted to give him like a month without me, but after I saw his PP, I'm not sure if he moved on already, and his expression didn't seem happy at all, but more like an exhausted person. I kind of worried now, should I say hi?or leave him alone longer?but how much longer?

Thanks, sorry for the long detail^^


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  • He likely hasn't moved on and after reading what you wrote it sounds like you haven't fully gotten over him either if you are checking out his profile. And there is no time limit as to when it takes someone to move on, could be months, years, days, hours, ect.

    • sorry for the chaotic grammar hehe. And yes, you're right. I'm not yet moved on either, and not yet ready to open up my heart to another man. I tried not to peek, but I did hehe. Well, do you think should I ask or should I still let him enjoy his freedom?or do you have any better suggestion?


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    • oh really? well, I hope you would find the better one soon. So it wouldn't be that hard to move on :)

      and five stages of grief sounds interesting, thanks for your help. Nice to meet you

    • Yeah. Thanks I have been looking lol, one bit of advice I have learned is don't ever try to compare someone new to the person you had before. You can sometime inflate there qualities in your mind. Yes you should look it up. Nice to try and help you and I wish the best for you.

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  • Well he probably still likes you as much as he liked you throughout the whole relationship. Until you went psycho and dumped him. He's probably hurt.

    This is a lesson to get your crap together in your head so that you don't sabotage any more relationships.

  • If you broke up with him, and it's only been a month, then no, he hasn't moved on yet.

  • the only way to know is to ask


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  • reach out, see how he is handling things.You never know


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