I want to reach out to my ex again but I don't want to be "THAT ex-girlfriend"

When my ex and I broke up neither of us had intended to break up, but we got into a fight of sorts where more stress was added onto our already stressful career/family lives. he ended up breaking up with me saying he didn't want to but felt it was best. I truly feel in my heart that it was just him already being so stressed out, and our fight just making things worse that caused the break up.

that night (Sunday) I sent him an email telling him how I felt and that I think it was just a stressful time for both of us and that I wanted to work through it. I told him that he has my number (implying that if he wanted to reach me to call or text) if he felt the same way. I emailed him because he is in another country visiting right now that is 6 hours time difference from me.

he hasn't responded at all, but when my younger brother emailed him on a business deal they were working on together he had one of his staff members respond and handle the deal (it is the plan he had in place for when he had to leave) so that leads me to believe that he got my email too but just chose not to reply.

i feel the urge to contact him again, and I have no clue when he's coming back from his trip (he didn't even know at the time). I know that he's very busy and right now his family and the work he left behind is a priority but I still feel like if he saw my email (which I'm guessing he did) he would have responded by now if he wanted to.

im going crazy, checking my email, hoping for a text or call, something. I just truly feel like we're unfinished business and if we were able to have an honest sit-down about our needs then we would work out just fine. I feel like he broke it off in the heat of the moment due to mounting stress.

but as much as I want to contact him again (because there's no way to find out if he really did get my email) I don't want to be THAT ex-gf who loses all of her dignity and self-respect chasing after a guy who broke up with her.

help or advise please...im really needing it :(


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  • Do not contact him again. That's how you keep your dignity. If he doesn't reply to you, he feels that it's finished business.

    Find something to do to occupy your mind and time. Then if he contacts you, he is willing to get back into your life.


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  • When you're in the act of doing something foolish. Try to catch yourself in the act and think it over :)


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  • Yeah don't contact him again. He got your email. There's no doubt about it. If he got your brother's he got your's (unless he has emails from you automatically trashed or sent to mail, but he may not care enough to go through all that). He likely simply ignored your message and doesn't want to talk to you or be in contact with you, unfortunately.

    I know what you mean about feeling like there is unfinished business. But when the time is right, he may come around and reach out and want to talk. Or if he doesn't want to talk maybe you can bring up your feelings.

    There is likely more reasons behind him breaking up with you besides "mounting stress" You probably just don't know all the reasons. I'm not saying he lied to you---stress could be the big, general reason. But that's not something you want to worry yourself with. Just keep occupied with your own personal and professional goals. He'll hopefully figure out what he's missing out on by not being with you at some point.


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