Why is my boss doing this...?

I sort of figured that my boss wanted something more to happen between until I metaphorically pulled back from a situation which seemed to get more 'close.' Since I switched on and came to the realization of what was happening very subtly, he has since acted by being friendly with the girl whom I would talk with most at work. He has flirted and does so openly. Only thing I see is that when we have our one on one meetings, he seems to remember everything I say to him and act on anything which I say to him. He has also changed his approach towards me which is a pretty 360 despite seemingly wanting to hold our gaze longer, laugh together, etc. I feel he wants to pretend he's into her in order to keep me close. He's nice and really bends over backwards for others. At one point thought I started to fancy him however once I pulled back, the feeling left. I just liked being flattered. I'm trying to act professionally now as I always felt we would. We are also both married. Is there anyway I can help him? I feel he needs affirmation but I also want to keep us professional too.


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  • Do not get involved with him, for your husband's sake.

    • I don't intend to however I'm working with him on a daily basis. He is giving me more distance after what happened.

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  • You are married you say? Why don't you ask your husband what you should do?

    • My husband doesn't like the guy. period. He trusts me however feels that it's a tricky situation when we know it's my boss (I think references at the end of my time there)...

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