Ideas for a girl to make the first move on a guy?

So there is this attractive guy that I met at orientation before uni started and I see him everyday because we have lectures together...but the problem is that there are 500 people in the same room and its hard to try and reach out to him. At orientation we talked for a bit but not enough to actually be buddy buddy and all. So any ideas?


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  • Sit next to him or within your line of sight. When you are sitting next you could ask to borrow some stationery and you can discuss the lecture and talk between lectures. Try sitting so that parts of your body are grazing each other e.g. arms, knees, feet and when you bodies do touch for you not to pull away. if you can see him from where you sit when ever he looks around you should hold eye contact. when he is walking in or out of class you should maintain (3 + secs) eye contact if you guys look at each other


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  • Walk up to him when he's not doing anything.

    Make eye contact, and smile.

    Say "Hi. Let's go get some coffee.

    Unless you're totally not his type, the odds are youve got a coffee date. Over coffee, tell him you want to find out if he's as interesting as he looks. Go from there.

  • Talk to him a lot and maybe try touching him more often. There's also that look you can do when you lock eyes with a guy you like, if you understand what I mean.

    • We've locked eyes before several times...I think. That's just like whenever I look up or something and we lock eyes for a couple of seconds, is that it? Usually his facial expression has an awe type of look (his mouth parts a bit/eyes widen) or his face is serious expression. Are those some good signs coming from him? I always want to smile at him but I'm just too shy.

  • Touch his penis


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