How to respond to stressed out man?

My boyfriend is under a lot of stress right now. And it's stuff that nobody can really do anything about. Because of his divorce disposition, he's suddenly in a bad place financially, has to move out of his house very soon and he's stressing about finding a place to move and actually packing up all his crap, and is coming to terms with the fact that he's not going to see his kids as much.

It feels like he's been pulling back from me. Not as responsive, not as interested or concerned with actually spending time together. I'm not really sure how to act or respond. Should I push for us to spend time together and keep him from isolating or just give him his space and wait for him to come to me? Should I try to help or will that just make him feel like he can't handle it on his own? When we do talk, should I try to get him to talk about it or just ignore what he's going through and be a happy distraction?

I really hate feeling ignored and I really hate feeling like I can't help.


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  • i'm sorry to hear what's going on with your boyfriend. that can't be easy for him. I think the best thing you can do is be patient with him and let him figure out what he needs to do. of course you can let him know you're there for him if he needs your support. I just wouldn't take it personally right now with what he's going through. keep yourself busy and if you want to invite him over for dinner or whatever he'd probably appreciate that. if he wants to talk about what's going on he'll talk about it if not than I'd just leave it alone. I hope things will work out for him and for both of you. take care.


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