Have I made it obvious that I like him?

There's a really nice guy who I've known for about 4 months (I saw him a few months earlier than this but I never spoke to him) and I've started to like him rcently. I don't know if he knows or has suspected that I like him. Some weeks ago I told him I'd only first seen him around April and he said he's actually seen me many times for the last 4 years. I told him how I wished I had met him back then. I make quite a lot of effort to see him and talk to him. A couple of weeks ago when we were walking together, he asked me which way I was going and I said 'I'm actually going back that way but I'll just carry on walking with you'. I don't know if he may have found that creepy, but he seemed fine since we still carried on the conversation and we were laughing together. I had my phone in my hand and my dad was calling me, but I purposely didn't answer the call so I could carry on talking to the guy (I'm not sure if he saw that lol). Once when someone pointed out that he looked different he mentioned that he'd shaved. So I asked if I could feel his face and he said yes, so I did (I didn't touch his face in a sexual way but just to feel the smoothness of his face). So when I was feeling his face I said 'ooh smooth' and then he closed his eyes and made a kind of scrunched up face. Again, I don't know if he found that weird.

My friend said once that when she saw me talking to him it looked as though I liked him so if it's obvious to her could it be obvious to him too? But whether he knows or not, he's still does nice things even though they're little things. Eg, he complimented my new hair -do a couple of weeks ago even though he'd never complimented me before. Once I didn't have a pen and I asked him for a spare one, but the only pen he had was the one he was already writing with. Then he offered to give me that pen and when I said no thanks, he was like 'Are you sure?'. When a row of chairs was in front of me, he made a gap inbetween two of the chairs for me with his foot so that I could walk straight through instead of walking all the way round. Last week, he sort of stood up for me when someone was patronising me. But back to my main question, does it sound like I've made it obvious that I like him?


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  • Sometimes guy don't pick up if a girl likes them or not. In your case I think maybe when you touched his face you showed that you liked him.To me I would think a girl wants to kiss me if she touched my face. But he may like you but he may be shy to pursue thigns farther.Things seem innocent in a kind of flirty way.He shows you some ways he may like you by the pen thing and pushing the chairs away.But he might have an idea you like him.


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