How can I help her?

Soo to make a very long story short, we met off of a dating website, really clicked, but then she went with another guy kind of behind my back, I tried to fight with her, gave up a few months later, she came back telling me things like she wasn't sure about the relationship anymore, he dumped her, I was there for her, and now less than a week later they're back together, now it seems obvious that she's a huge waste of time, but we've had a few heart to hearts, she is severely broken because of her fiance taht died a few years ago, its pretty obvious to me that she isn't in love with this guy, she's just with him because he's fun and she's afraid of being alone, she knows how I feel, but for whatever reason she just doesn't want to risk it with me, either way I don't care, I want to help her, but I don't know how, its like all my advice goes in one ear and out the other, I want to share the whole story with someone, any takers?


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  • she sees you as a friend and is not attracted to you

    • Question is if she sees me as a friend, why has she basically let me see her naked on cam, why does she seem so flirty, and why did she always talk about possibly dumping her bf? she knew I had feelings for her the whole time

    • girls get naked to see what reaction they will get it doesn't mean she likes you sexually

    • I just don't get how she doesn't I'm a decent looking guy and I'm in better shape than most guys, the guy she is/was with is ugly and skinnier than she is, and she's a twig lol

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  • Not me but see if you can persuade her to risk it with you


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