Do you think my ex still has feelings for me?

My ex broke up with me because I was being kind of a d*** and fighting with her often. She never really seemed like she wanted me gone. she wanted to stay friends and was calling me everyday. I then told her I wanted to wait till she got back from school in the summer to talk. try and start kind of new and she kind of seemed upset that this was what I wanted. She then told me to contact her when I was ready. I tried contacting her later on and she just ignores me. anyways summer rolled around and she never contacted me. she still has a shirt that I gave her from the place I worked when she met me and a couple other items that are just sentimental and would make her think of me. anyways she told me before we stopped talking she could see us dating again if I would just mature more because at the time I was kind of being an immature a**hole.soo just wondering do you think my ex girlfriend posssibly feel for me stilll or do you think she seems completly over me based of what I said?


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  • I mean she wouldn't have said those things if she didn't still have feelings for you. However, it depends on when she said it. Since she's been ignoring you she seems to have changed her mind and is no longer interested in engaging with you at all. Whatsoever. You'll do better to just move on with other things and other people. The worst thing you could do is try to reach out because you'll feel dumb as don't know what when she doesn't respond to your messages. And that could be embarrassing and hurtful even.

  • 5-10 years from now she will certainly be over you and married to somebody

    • 5-10 years it could take that long? I just want to know if you think she'll ever speak to me or warm up to me again just to get a girls persepctive as much as it contradicts what I did to her I want to be friends with her because it sucks more loosing her overall. SO yea you think my chances are pretty much slim to none?

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