Should I move to LA after I graduate college?

I am a double major accounting and finance. It should be relatively easy to get a job after college. Should I try LA? Because I want to get really far away from home (VA) and I feel like there are a lot of attractive women there, sports, etc. Feedback?


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  • Hi there!

    A few things:

    --- If you're moving there to chase the LA dream (fame, beautiful women, dream job, etc.), then reassess your decision a bit more. Millions of people go there chasing that same dream. Some make it, some don't. It's all a matter of luck and hard work.

    --- Beautiful women and a booming sports industry can be found in pretty much every big city.

    --- I would suggest you visit LA a few times to make sure you like it.

    --- Consider the cost of living.

    --- LA's a great place to live. But like any place in the world, there are misconceptions about it. If you'd like to move there, get to know the city for what it actually is and not what it appears to be on TV.

    Hope that helped! Good luck! :)

    • yeah. I will be happy with any big city really. I kind of like san diego, so I might investigate that.

    • Yeah, definitely check out San Diego. It's worth investigating :)

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  • I'd never live in LA, but I'm not you. Give it a shot. You can always move again if you don't like it.

  • Where in LA? My friend graduated in accounting and could find nothing in West Hollywood, despite knowing a bunch of people. He's now working for Paramount.


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